Amnisiades Park

Welcome to the discovery park of Amnisiades, a combination of an Equestrian Estate, a special holiday center for the well-being,  a lighthouse of Cretan culture and tradition (food, arts, learning)

Situated in the center of Crete just 7km west of the urban center of Heraklion and 2km from the airport, in the coastal area of Amnissos, a place that combines the natural environment of Crete with the famous Cretan hospitality, providing easy access to popular or lonely beaches , and with a few minutes’ walk, you will be able to enjoy the Mediterranean sun and the sea

Travelers, families with young or old children, youngsters, people looking to get an acquaintance with the culture and history of one of the most ancient cultures, athletes or horse lovers who want high level lessons or just a walk on the beach or in the mountains, people with special abilities looking for therapeutic riding are the people who will spend with us the most unforgettable holidays of their lives.

Amnissos is a settlement from the pre-Minoan years, a port of Knossos with many references to Homer. It is well known that the appropriate choice of all ancient civilizations and especially the Minoan, of the location, for the founding of cities, settlements, sanctuaries or the evolution of myths, is very important and these places have always had a special energy.

The equestrian estate borders on the west with the river Amnissos (today known as Karteros) where, according to the myth, lived the AMNISIADES, 20 young nymphs, priestesses of the Goddess Artemis who protected the waters of the river and the forests of the area, because the river was the natural road link of Knossos and its port. Also, the priestesses were helpers of the goddess Eilithia, whose cave is located 500m east of the park and she was the goddess protector of the birth of children (learn more)

Amazing and admiring is the fact that today in the same energy space instead of forest there is a green landscape with a variety of trees and plants, but what dominates and gives extra energy are the thousand-year-old olives We had the blessing of this place to be given to us by our grandparents and to build our house for the big family that we are. Today, when the children have made their own families, we have the first floor to host our dear friends from all over the world which we accept as members of our family and we try to make them feel the same


The origin of Olive Tree in Crete and Greece in general is lost in the depths

of time. The olive tree, the olive fruit, and the olive oil are three words inextricably linked

with the daily life of the inhabitants, their rituals, their worships and eating habits for the last 5000 years.

The whole socio-economic, religious, customary and artistic reality was created around the Sacred Olive Tree

The rapid spread and development of the Minoan civilization owes much to the systematic cultivation of the Olive and also in the export and marketing of olive products.


Deeply rooted in the Greek land, the Olive tree has dominated for thousands of years the Greek landscape and illuminates it, with its special gray-green color, inspiring artists of all times. 

imprints on thousands of ceramic vases in murals in sealstones and in rings includes olive branches, fruits and representations of the collection of fruits and from the olive oil production

The Olive was the Sacred Tree of the Minoans worshiped like the mother Goddess of nature and was protected by Minos and his descendants

In the forest of Amnisiades park today there are ancient Olive Trees, aged 1000 – 2000 years old, natural monuments that were transferred to the estate from a construction site of a dam in Aposelemi village, which were ready to be uprooted and destroyed. With great effort the trees were rescued and replanted in 2005, sprouted and bore fruit rewarding us with the positive energy they offer in the park.