Bee keeping and Honey making and tasting workshop

Discover Local Cretan Experiences

Following the path of Ancient Minoans. Upon your arrival at the Amnisiades Park hot or cold refreshment with herbal tea and honey is waiting you. There will be a tour to our wonderful park learning about its story and secret corners.

Then you will learn the secrets of bee keeping and honey making and will taste our organic honey and other products from our bees. It is known that apiculture was existing in the pre-historian Aegean populations and the Minoan culture long time ago.

During the workshop you will visit our small apiary and watch the bees in their hive, see the queen bee, even if you wish you can also hear them or touch them. You will also learn about the honey collection and making as it occurred from Ancient times till now, you will see all the products of hive such as pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

You will taste a variety of organic honey from our local produce and traditional honey sweets.

A unique experience for honey lovers that connects history with today’s bee keeping.

Every Thursday 17.30-20.00 at Amnisiades park

Price: 60€/person

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Beekeeping workshop Bee keeping and Honey making and tasting workshop 60€
4 Hours
6 people
Beekeeping workshop
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Amount: 360€
Beekeeping workshop (6 x 60.00€)
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