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Discover Cultural Crete


The eating habits of the Minoan civilization are associated with great diversity and are based on the Mediterranean diet. Take the chance to experience the secrets of Cretan Gastronomy paired along with excellent indigenous wines!
You will be guided by a local sommelier, with a vast knowledge of Crete’s gastronomic history and culture. We will emphasize on the wine making tradition and what an important role it played in the daily life of the Minoans, by tasting 5 wines all made from local grape varieties!
By the end of this interactive experience, you will be able to taste Cretan wines like a real sommelier, and understand the differences between local wines and how their perception changes when accompanied with different dishes. Additionally, you will taste dishes freshly and organically made by the purest ingredients, representatives of the Minoan Diet with a creative twist.
Let us guide you through the emblematic history of Crete island and its treasures!
in collaboration with WINE WALKERS 

When you book this event, tell us about your food allergies or restrictions and what styles of wines you prefer so we can offer you an unforgettable experience.
You can combine every Thursday with the unique performance at the Minoan Theater
We turn back time 3,500 years…

Price: 134,00€

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