Mountain Ride

Discover Cretan Horseback Riding

This is a nice trek on the surrounding mountains. We have 2/3 different
routes to choose from depending on the hour and the day. All programs
follow the same pattern which allows you to ride into the surrounding area
and then have a view of the valley from the mountain.
Ideal for families with young children too, we use our ponies for this
program so any one of our little riders of 4yrs old and above can join the
group. Please mind that our little riders ride on ponies with a member of
our staff next to them.
If you are an experienced rider, you will enjoy some trotting up and some
gallops on the mountains.
The ride starts from our club and it lasts for 60min including
mounting/dismounting and some introductory directions.

Price: 50€ / person

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