VIP Minoan Cooking Lessons

Discover Cultural Crete

This program is inspired by the owner and hostess Anna Bastaki.

The Cretan diet is known worldwide as one of the healthiest foods in the world.  The combination of flavors and aromas has its roots in the Minoan era and travels through the centuries until today and has left its mark on the people and culture of Crete. We always use family ingredients such as olive oil, wine, honey, vegetables and herbs from our gardens. The aim of the program is to discover new flavors and to be initiated in the preparation of genuine and delicious, Cretan cuisine.

The program is performed in the area of Cretan cuisine and lasts about 3 hours. This activity will give you knowledge, nutritional information, will teach you unique combinations of Cretan ingredients and will definitely stay in your mind as something you will want to tell to friends and acquaintances.

This is a VIP version of the Discovery workshop and refers to a smaller group of people thus being more attentive and more into the experience.

Price: 400€

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