Welcome to
Amnisiades Apts

Welcome to Amnisiades Apartments, located in Amnesiades Park, a combination of a special holiday center for the well-being, a lighthouse of Cretan culture and tradition (food, arts, learning) and an Equestrian Estate. 

Travelers, families with  children, youngsters, people looking to get an acquaintance with the culture and history of one of the most ancient cultures, athletes or horse lovers who want high level lessons or just a walk on the beach or in the mountains, people with special abilities looking for therapeutic riding are the people who will spend with us the most unforgettable holidays of their lives



Amnissos is a settlement from the pre-Minoan years, a port of Knossos with many references to Homer. It is well known that the appropriate choice of all ancient civilizations and especially the Minoan, of the location, for the founding of cities, settlements, sanctuaries or the evolution of myths, is very important and these places have always had a special energy.

The equestrian estate borders on the west with the river Amnissos (today known as Karteros) where, according to the myth, lived the AMNISIADES, 20 young nymphs, priestesses of the Goddess Artemis who protected the waters of the river and the forests of the area, because the river was the natural road link of Knossos and its port. Also, the priestesses were helpers of the goddess Eilithia, whose cave is located 500m east of the park and she was the goddess protector of the birth of children. 

Amnisiades Park Retreats

An ideal location for your vacation

The energy of the old stones of the theater and of the ancient olive trees in our park alongside with the importance of the Ancient river Amnisos offers an environment of good vibes that you can feel immediately when you arrive to Amnisiades park. The park is green with many trees and grass areas which and next to the sea, elements that add to the feeling of peace and our inner connection that are connected to nature and its whispers. 

Our facilities and location and our specialization into Minoan culture is an ideal place for you to create your own retreat. Our park is ideal for retreats of spiritual and heritage content, theatrical, dance and other artistic content.